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Hi I am Visal, Welcome to my personal blog. I am a SEO analyst working in a digital marketing firm in Kochi, Kerala. If you want to learn Search engine optimization you are at the best place where you can learn SEO from the scratch. So let’s start learning !

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Visal Vadayar

Myself  Visal  K K,  living in Vaikom, Kerala. Digital  Marketing enthusiast with a passion for photography. Always love to do the experiment and learn from the failures. Passion for online research brings me to the world of search engines. I am presenting my personal blog for SEO to all and all the information are based on my experience and may have errors. You can inform me about the updation or mistakes. I mean I would like to create a knowledge sharing platform than a normal blog. Welcoming your comments for all the posts on my blog. 

Visal Vadayar
Digital strategist
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